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Quality Control Process support:

ManiaX Power Tech. strictly according to ISO9001:2000 system requirements of establish quality guarantee system, this system by IQC, IPQC, QA, QE, FQC and measurement composition, through rigorous training quality control personnel, equipped with advanced testing equipment, strict according to the requirements of quality file regulation, from raw material, production process guarantee to the end product delivery are strict control, ensure our battery quality is stable and reliable.


Check the raw material, and the quality of the accessories, ensure that all raw materials meet company make quality standard;


The inspection and control of the production process quality condition, the timely discovery and correction of production process ofabnormal condition, ensure that flows into down a work sequence of product quality qualified;


According to IEC standard and customer requirements control product quality inspection;


Quality engineer, release information and supervise the production technology, product structure and the improvement of the program, the paper proposed some long, short-term solution Problem.


Responsible for the quality ofthe final products before they leave the factory inspection, to ensure thequality of goods comply with requirements.

Quality control flow chart