Welcome to ManiaX Power Tech !

ManiaX Power shall use its best efforts to ship the Products out of our factory within 7-15 working days after receipt of Customer's full payment for the orders when in stocks. If goods are out of stock we will send e-mail with revised delivery date and request whether you wish to keep items on order and accept the new delivery time.

We ship to nearly all the places over the world. Currently most are from Europe, America, Australia, Asia and some Africaareas.

To find your batteries, use our batteries search at the top of this page. Otherwise, please browse our large selection of battery parts and accessories via the column on the left. We carry a wide range ofparts, replacement batteries, and accessories. If you can't find your battery accessories or parts, we can usually specially order it for you. Simply just send us email at:

We can send goods to any part of the world, but sometimes the cost of Express/post fess can be a problem. Different parts under different shipping ways, the shipping charge fees are also different. So foryour orders, we will calculate the shipping cost based on your order amounts for your further confirmation before your order confirmed.

The shipping method we usually using is the express air courier DHL, UPS or FEDEX which are fastest and safest indelivery with door to door services nearly all around the world. We can get alow favorable shipping price in international business orders and this will save a lot of costs. For large volume orders, we recommend shipping by sea and often takes 20~30days with the cheapest shipping costs.

Usually it takes 1-2 business days for UPS to update their tracking system. And we will email you the tracking number when available around 1-2 days immediately. And you can also check the status of your orders from website of UPS/FedEx/DHL. If the tracking number is still not working after 5 business days, contact us either via email at:  or make phone calls. We will help you track your shipment or provide advice on beginning the lost package process with the Express shipping agent if necessary.